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Download now the most useful Chinese learning program, covering both pronunciation and conversation!

Speak & Learn Chinese is a Mandarin Chinese learning software that features a learning course designed by the renowned Chinese Learning institution - Taiwan Normal University Mandarin Training Center.

Learn & Speak Chinese includes Pronunciation, Lessons, Tools and Search functions.

Pronunciation: Master the basics of Chinese Pronuciation. Choose by pinyin, watch videos and learn each intonation easily in this program.

Lessons: 10 thorough lessons with Conversation, Vocabulary, Grammar Focus, and Learning Games content will make Chinese learning easy and fun. The Basic Course covers daily usage Chinese for beginners, from daily expressions, dates and numbers, food, shopping, travelling, transportation, and more topics that will help you get around in a Chinese speaking environment.

Grammar Focus: Learn the most useful phrase and sentence patterns, replace keywords to learn different combinations.

Vocabulary: useful keywords for each lesson which can be hyperlinked from conversation. Learn by list mode or flashcard mode.

MyNotes: Add phrases and vocabulary you need to practice

Search: search conversation and vocabulary by pinyin or english.

All lessons, vocabulary, MyNotes and search support autoplay. Listen to all the content by pressing just one key!

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